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Timeless hues, unique textures, diverse tones…
Sublime Collection's contemporary finishes bring assured elegance and uncompromising quality to your designs, allowing you to give free reign to your creativity.

The ideal collection
for sublime design

These European-inspired designs represent one of the most recent innovations in home cabinetry, sought-after for their versatility, durability and relatively low cost. With the ability to print patterns onto the surface, it is possible to give panels a palpable texture of fabric, metal, granite, or other material. They can also be produced in resistant high-gloss finishes or affordable soft-touch matt finishes.

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Sophisticated high-gloss finishes, trendy Silky Touch surfaces, palpable designer textures, and modern-looking metallic finishes...

Sublime Collection presents a range of premium-quality MDF panels with acrylic or polymer finishes offered in an assortment of colours and surfaces that will elevate any creative design.

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