How to use the color Green in our design

The color green brings freshness and tranquility to any space and is perfect for relaxation and wellness areas.

We can use this color in several ways in the kitchen to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Light shades of green, such as Macaron Green (P3015) and Relax Green (P735), are perfect for kitchen walls, cabinets, and accessories. These shades of green create a light and airy feeling that enhances the room’s friendliness.

Dark greens like Forest Green (P3027) can be used to add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Forest Green (P3027) walls and cabinets can be combined with neutral tones such as White (P734), Magnolia (P763), and Arctic Gray (P713) to create a striking contrast.

Green in a bathroom can create a natural and soothing ambiance, evoking lush forests and fresh leaves. Just a few touches of green can be enough to give your bathroom a refreshing and invigorating look.
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