Quality decorative panels and their complements designed to inspire

Sublime Collection’s European-inspired products represent one of the most recent innovations in surface decors, sought after for their versatility, durability and affordability. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and textures, including wood, fabric, metal and granite, which are all very fashionable materials to inspire your designs.

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Edge Bands


From high-gloss, highly durable finishes to affordable silky matts and modern metallics, the range of premium-quality MDF panels with acrylic or polymer finishes is available in a wide assortment of colours and surfaces to complement your designs.


Wall Profiles

The decorative profile reinvented

Supramat Antibacterial

Supramat* Antibacterial - our latest innovation

Sublime’s new SUPRAMAT* ANTIBACTERIAL collection stands out with its matt appearance and antibacterial properties. Its surfaces resist bacteria and require less maintenance to keep spaces clean and safe.

Polymer Silky Touch

Silky Touch Polymer Panel 

Silky Touch polymer panels offer a silky matt finish that fits any budget. Available in a wide variety of trendy colours, Silky Touch panels meet the demand for vintage or contemporary looks with a chic and soothing feel.


Polymer High-Gloss

Polymer High-Gloss - an affordable material 

The Sublime Collection series of glossy polymer panels offers luxurious and durable finishes at a fraction of the cost of other similar materials with a glossy finish.

Available in six trendy colours to match your creations.

Acrylic High-Gloss

Resistant and durable high-gloss acrylic panels

Sublime Collection’s glossy acrylic panels with ultra-sophisticated shine have an impeccably smooth finish that resembles painted glass, at a fraction of the cost.

Available in four universal colours, they will brilliantly enhance the space you are designing.


Polymer Design

Polymer Design - An Innovative Material

Sublime Collection’s Design Polymer series is the product of an innovative manufacturing process that creates textured surfaces which add unparalleled sophistication to cabinets, dressers, furniture and other decor items.

Polymer Metallic

Metallic Polymer Pannel

Sublime Collection’s Metallic Polymer series offers textured panels with a near-perfect metallic appearance that lend elegance and richness to the simplest of creations, and to more elaborate designs.