Collection Essenziale


New Collection Essenziale panels are obtained by coating PET foils with many decor options in matt and glossy on the surface of high quality MDF panels. Collection Essenziale panel options offer you the opportunity to create original, modern and aesthetic living spaces.

With its matt surfaces, Collection Essenziale brings naturality to your spaces and maintains its first-day appearance for many years thanks to its high resistance to micro scratches and fading. It adds depth to your living spaces with its high gloss level, elegant appearance and mirror effect glossy surfaces.

In addition to being easy to clean, it prevents loss of surface shine due to cleaning. Modern matt and glossy patterns leading the trends are now at Collection Essenziale.


Product feature

  • High Gloss (Glossy)
  • Mirror Effect (Glossy)
  • Soft Touch (Matte)
  • Low Micro Scratches
  • Resistant to Cracking
  • Resistant to Stain
  • Easy to Clean


Technical specifications

MDF – certified EPA 40 CFR, TSCA Title VI
MDF – FSC Mix 95% certified
1220 mm x 2800 mm (4’ x 9’)
16 mm ou 18 mm
2-sided finish
The coating layer is laminated with a PUR adhesive, ensuring unparalleled durability

To find out more or confirm the availability of additional products, please contact us

Laminate sheets

Laminate sheets coordinated with the colours of the panels to create curves or cover the visible sides. A practical addition to all your creative projects.

  • Postformable using applied heat gun at 70˚ Celsius
  • Can be applied directly to an MDF, chipboard or TFL panel substrates
  • Can be easily cut with utility knife or scissors
  • Applicable with traditional laminate contact adhesives
  • Ideal for on-site installations
OptionsPhenolic BackerSolid PolymerSolid Acrylic
Thickness0.7 mm0.8 mm0.8 mm
Width1220 mm1220 mm1220 mm
Length2800 mm2440 mm2800 mm

Edge banding

A wide range of edge banding that exactly matches the colours of the decorative panels. Versatility that lets you create a variety of unique concepts!

Available Options

Thickness1 mm1.2 mm1 mm0.5 mm
Width23 mm23 mm44mm23 mm
Length328 feet328 feet300 feet600 feet