Polymer Design


Polymer Design – An Innovative Material

Sublime Collection’s Design Polymer series is the product of an innovative manufacturing process that creates textured surfaces which add unparalleled sophistication to cabinets, dressers, furniture and other decor items.

Available in a variety of textures and colours that closely mimic fabric, stone and other materials.


Product feature

  • Very durable and resistant
  • Popular look
  • Affordable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Laminate with PUR adhesive
  • Available on custom slab doors


Technical specifications

MDF – certified EPA 40 CFR, TSCA Title VI
MDF – FSC Mix 95% certified
1,220 mm × 2,800 mm (4′ × 9′)
16 mm or 18 mm
2-sided finish
The coating layer is laminated with a PUR adhesive, ensuring unparalleled durability

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Edge banding

A wide range of edge banding that exactly matches the colours of the decorative panels. Versatility that lets you create a variety of unique concepts!

Available Options

Thickness1 mm1.2 mm1 mm0.5 mm
Width23 mm23 mm44mm23 mm
Length328 feet328 feet300 feet600 feet


Slab Doors

All slab doors are assembled with the fused-edge banding technology, which provides the high-quality seamless appearance of a solid piece without any visible joints.

The different models offered will inspire you to create a trendy, affordable design.


Models available by colourSeries 1EuroElementElevation
Solid coloursAllP-1000-ML   
601, 6002, 8112, 8015, 8018, 8021P-1000-VI   
601, collections Silky Touch and SUPRAMAT* AllAll 
 706, 713, 725, 734, 761, 763 and 771   All
Pattern coloursAllP-105 / P-106   
Series 1 – except P-10618 mm6152.47177.8
Series 1 – P-10618 mm6152.47177.8
Euro19 mm6152.47177.8
Element19 mm6152.47177.8
Elevation19 mm6152.47177.8
Series 1 – except P-10618 mm1072717.8471193.8
Series 1 – P-10618 mm471193.81072717.8
Euro19 mm1072717.8471193.8
Element19 mm1072717.8471193.8
Elevation19 mm952413471193.8