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Wall Profiles
The decorative profile reinvented

Surpass creative boundaries with the Sublime Wall Profiles collection by AGT. You can apply them to your decor as well as to your furniture. Thanks to its range of possibilities, the series of wall profiles allows you to create unique spaces. It’s a versatile decoration choice that can adapt to many different decoration styles.

Collection Essenziale
Designs that inspire

New Collection Essenziale panels are obtained by coating PET foils with many decor options in matt and glossy on the surface of high quality MDF panels. Collection Essenziale panel options offer you the opportunity to create original, modern and aesthetic living spaces.

With its matt surfaces, Collection Essenziale brings naturality to your spaces and maintains its first-day appearance for many years thanks to its high resistance to micro scratches and fading. It adds depth to your living spaces with its high gloss level, elegant appearance and mirror effect glossy surfaces.

In addition to being easy to clean, it prevents loss of surface shine due to cleaning. Modern matt and glossy patterns leading the trends are now at Collection Essenziale.

Supramat Antibacterial
Ultra-Matt Elegance

Supramat* Antibacterial our latest innovation

The SUPRAMAT* ANTIBACTERIAL line’s special surface is based on a superior scratch-resistant, smudge-proof technology, which preserves the beauty of the fixtures at all times … for a long time.

And with its thermal repair feature that easily removes micro-scratches from its surface, it protects its innovative brand-new look for years, which sets it apart from similar products.

Available in 10 trendy colours.

Polymer Silky Touch
Affordable Silky Matt Finish

Silky Touch Polymer Panel 

Silky Touch polymer panels offer a silky matt finish that fits any budget. Available in a wide variety of trendy colours, Silky Touch panels meet the demand for vintage or contemporary looks with a chic and soothing feel.

Polymer High-Gloss
High-End Gloss for Lower-Budget Projects

Polymer High-Gloss – an affordable material 

The Sublime Collection series of glossy polymer panels offers luxurious and durable finishes at a fraction of the cost of other similar materials with a glossy finish.

Available in six trendy colours to match your creations.